ˈhəbəb/   noun
1. a chaotic din caused by a crowd of people
2. a busy, noisy situation 


“... a fine job of corralling a willing cast into a fabulous farce that achieves unexpected depth. – SM

“WOW. What an awesome night... hilarious and tragic... – ER


Great to see gonzo theatre done well. Raw, unpolished yet controlled, disturbing yet oddly uplifting, this is a different kind of theatre. Trainwreck, you done good! – SM

I laughed so hard I cried. Delightfully dark and sadly hilarious. Congrats to the cast and collaborators on such a success. Make your way to the Smokestack... You'll be glad you did. – ER


“Saw a great show at the Smokestack tonight: Gruesome Playground Injuries. Thanks for a wonderful evening of tender, compelling, funny/sad theatre, oh ye Trainwreck ensemble! Great performance, Gwen Beatty and Ryan Michael Decker! – AR

Gruesome Playground Injuries has an emotional nakedness with Gwen and Ryan giving it their all... Recommended! – SM

I was really blown away. So good. So f--ked up... Thanks for a great memory. – DH

It is a wonderful show. – MG


“I feel bad for anyone who didn't get to see Trainwreck Productions' production of Avenue Q this weekend.  By the end of the first act my face was in pain from smiling and laughing so much... the entire cast did a terrific job... – ER

“I went last night... it was awesome... pretty *&@#in awesome... – JA

“Congrats on a fun show!  I really enjoyed it! – AR

“What you do with so few resources!  Congrats on Q.  Fun night. – CG

“Such a great show!  So much fun!  I was guffawing the whole time! – CH

“You would think that after nearly eight years of doing this thing called theatre, I'd get over the nostalgia of after show blues, but that's just not the case.  Avenue Q was a great experience and one I'm so glad I went for.  It was a blast to work with so many wonderful and talented people, and I'm greatful that I had the chance to reunite wit people who got me into this crazy world of theatre in the first place.  Congratulations on a job well done to the entire cast and crew of Avenue Q! – DV, actor


RED is simply brilliant! ... Be sure to be there! – GC

“'ll be sad if you miss this great performance. – JT

“Both actors delivered their heavy line load with convincing certainty and smooth cadence... This play is timeless, pertinent and very powerful. Bravo Trainwreck! – GT


“Trainwreck Productions' performance of Reefer Madness was the most inspired local theatre I've seen since [title of show]... Hey!  That was a Trainwreck project too!” – PN

“I’m giving this production of Reefer Madness really HIGH MARKS.” – DB

“Everyone brought their A game tonight with a great show.  If you haven’t seen them, go check the show out… You won’t regret it.” – AM

“Trainwreck Productions does it again! Great show last night. Had so much fun I’m going again on Saturday.  Lots o’ laughs and top-notch performances!” – MM

FANTASTIC SHOW!!! We loved it!! Thanks for another great TRAINWRECK!! – SK

“What a fun show! We did not know what to expect, which was just fine-very entertaining and very well done.” – MBV

“The show was funny and entertaining. Great acting.” – MV

“Encore? Encore?” – AB

“Great campy show… keep the good shows coming and thanks for the laughs.” – TK

“You all were so great! I loved this fun production!” - RB

“Awesome job to everyone! Enjoyed the show immensely and a very talented cast!” - CH

“It was great!  Can't wait to see it again on Saturday.  Everyone did a great job. Two thumbs up.” – SD

Reefer Madness gave this non-toker a natural high.  Big fun!” – CG

“I saw, and loved, Trainwreck Productions’ production of Reefer Madness! It was hilarious, smart, a little bawdy (just enough), irreverent, and really, really fun. The house was packed, and the audience was great! Bravo, to the whole cast, and bravo to Eronel for giving a home to this kind of theater experience.” – PS

“Stunning. Yes. They fricking ROCK!!” – MC

“…the Old Guard let its guard down... troupes with more money and longer traditions do not touch the performances of Trainwreck.” – Anon.


“…the freshest theatre I’ve seen in Dubuque. Time to up your game, Dubuque! Trainwreck Productions is in the house!” – PN 

“Every event I’ve seen performed by Trainwreck Productions is a hit!  This small cast is outrageously funny and very talented.  Do yourself a favor and get a life by seeing this show.” – CS

“Terrific performances from a theatre company who knows how to have fun.  Make it you mission to get to this show.” – MM

“This was one the best, most engaging and creative things I’ve seen in a long time.  I’m grateful to have been in the very intimate audience…” – AR


“…All I can say is BRAVO to the cast and crew.  It was an incredible performance by a group of talented young actors.  Entertainment at its best.” – CS

“A truly enjoyable evening of theatre provided by Trainwreck Productions... GO SEE The Importance of Being Earnest!” – CG

Traci Evers as The Girl in The Game, 2011.

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